A simple tablet weaving pattern threaded in two different ways


A simple tablet weaving pattern threaded in two different ways (upper: all S or Z, lower: every second S and Z)

From one card-weaving warp, many patterns

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Tablet Weaving Patterns 2 by ~eqos on deviantART | Weaving Ideas | Tablet weaving patterns, Tablet weaving, Weaving


Birka strapwork motif

Band woven at State Fair 2014

Viking Age Tablet Woven Band

This is a Finnish pattern which I got from Egon Hansen's book on tablet weaving. It cleverly uses just 7 pattern tablets to make a series of ...

16 cards, 2 colors, repeats every 14 rows, GTT༺❁. Inkle LoomInkle WeavingCard ...

Tablet Weaving Made Easy Online Workshop with John Mullarkey



Analysis drawing of the Dürrnberg border

All four of the tablet holes are used when making a basic tablet woven belt, but only two opposing holes are used when creating a pattern. The tablets that ...

Section A was an attempt at direct pattern control, all the cards are matched up in terms of rotation, but I'm using flipping to change the 'facing' colour ...

We'll explore the differences between 4-hole and 6-hole cards while warping and weaving threaded-in patterns for 6-holes.

Tablet weaving

Tablet weaving

Sample 2: various patterns

Warping a double faced weave

I also had available handouts giving instructions for the construction of two different simple looms--the one we used and one that Master Herveus d'Ormonde ...

Threading of the tablets of the border from Dürrnberg. The warps are mainly S-ply wool and the weft double horsehair.

The numbers refer to tablets. By way of a recap, here's what the pattern looks like made up:


Using a corral makes it easy to manage complicated patterns. Thread each card and tie the ends in an overhand knot.

fabric weaving patterns

The Techniques of Tablet Weaving: Peter Collingwood: 9781626542143: Amazon.com: Books

By continually rotating and changing colours beautiful and complex patterns can be produced. The warp threads can be tensioned by connecting them to a door ...

Remember this playing card from way back at the beginning of my tablet weaving discussions? If we look at the chart, we can see that for this pattern, ...

A satin weave, common for silk, each warp thread floats over 16 weft threads .

How to Make a Loom out of Cardboard and Start Weaving!

The belt that we learned to make first

On Facebook there is a wonderful group of artists called Historic Tablet Weaving. It's an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration.

This is the same way I did my first tablet weaving using playing cards as the tablets.

image 0; image 1; image 2 ...

... the weaving frame found in the Oseberg burial so that they would know what the real thing looked like.

How do you keep your weave's sides straight? Learn these 4 tips to follow!

Try Something New: progressing from a rigid heddle loom to a shaft loom

Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design with 5, 7, and 9 Pattern Threads: Susan J. Foulkes: 9780764355509: Amazon.com: Books

It's not Magic, It's Mechanics - Tablet Weaving Theory by Kris Leet (preview)

We will use the circular warp setup, and learn how to use two packs to create interesting diagonal designs. Patterns will be provided, but individual ...

How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

How to Weave Paper Placemats

Each hole in the card has its own warp thread. Cards can be threaded with the warp thread entering the holes from either direction, we use the terms ...

Emerald Waves of the Crimson Guard Band. This is a pretty simple threaded-in pattern ...

Card weaving pattern stack.

Using a corral makes it easy to manage complicated patterns. Thread each card and tie the ends in an overhand knot.


S Threading, Z Threading

I looked in the Ann Sutton tablet weaving book to see how she recommends winding warps. She threaded each card as she made the warp and stood it in a stand, ...

... how tablet weaving works, how to set up and get weaving right away, and how to create an amazing array of patterns from a simple two-colour threading.

The first known pieces that utilize this technique are two of the tablet woven finds from the Hallstatt period Celtic chieftain's grave at Hochdorf.

All About Warp Threads

Children make small weavings with homemade cardboard looms. Perfect for ages 5 and up!

The ...

The point is that (assuming we've made no mistakes) this weave represents *exactly* the same information as the pattern does – you could extract the program ...



The star pattern is one that was created by Kurt Laitenburger for tablet weaving ...

Possibilities of Applying ICT to Improve Safe Movement of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons


Futhark Runes: This is a 22 card pattern I designed based on the Elder Futhark runes.

Tablet Weaving II: Patterns. Since you already know how basic ...

Free weaving patterns and drafts for you!

A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Mullarkey, John, Emerson Holtzer, Marilyn, Hoffman, Luise, W (2007) Paperback Paperback – December 7, 2007

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Weaving: Weave 4 turns forward, 4 turns back, repeat.

You can now learn how to weave on a rigid-heddle loom with these 4 exclusive products!

Figure 1: Tablet Designs

Card weaving layout.

Raffia Work

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In the first one, I just reversed all the cards at a point in the middle of the motif. In the second one, I merged the two directions by simply carrying on ...

Picture of Tablet Weaving Loom Using a Wooden Stool ...

6 Ways To Weave In Chunky Yarn

... how the cards were threaded: Emerald Waves Pattern

We first learned how to do the weaving, and then how to set up the warp, getting stuck in to the weaving first, and then get a feeling for how the threads ...

Weaving pattern cards used by Skye Weavers, Isle of Skye, Scotland

8 Weaving Tools And Supplies Every Weaver Should Own (And Where You Can Find Them)

personal insignia

SLAVIC Wool Tablet Weaving, Belt 2,8 x 190 cm



12: ...

Brocaded tablet weaving pattern

Tablet Weaving Workshop for Beginners

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