Construction Starts on Jet Engine with 3DPrinted Parts Printable



3D Printed Jet Engines – The 4 Most Advanced (with Videos)

A More Efficient Jet Engine Is Made from Lighter Parts, Some 3-D Printed | MIT Technology Review

Team behind world's first 3D printed jet engine to print aerospace parts for Safran

As time goes on, we hear more and more stories concerning the 3D printing of engines, engine parts, and other mechanical objects which we would have only ...

Scale 3D Printer Motorized Turbine Engine!

New construction 3D printer by WASP and concrete for 3D printing: briefly about events of. “

Japanese Company 3D Prints a Large Working Jet Engine Replica

The engine shown in cross-section

In July, the winners of the 3D Hubs Student Grant were announced, demonstrating an impressive range of talent and ingenuity from students everywhere.


id.arts' 3D printed jet engine

An exposed jet engine at a trade show. The rear of the polished metal fan


3D Printed RC Plane – 10 Best Curated 3D Models

Yep, that's actually 3D printed!

Mockup of a LEAP-X, the early code name of the engine

Motor Parts

GE bespoke plant to test Jet Engine

Homemade Tin Can Turbine With 3d-printed Compressor

This Tiny 3D Printed Jet Engine Could Have Big Promise

Working 3D-Printed Car Engine Models!


Next time you travel by airplane, chances are you'll be reading the in-flight magazine, looking down at the clouds from a tiny round window, ...

The worlds most powerful engine (World record holder!) (2678713012).jpg

Valcrow's Vertical Axis Windmill Turbine and Ultimaker 2+

The Devil Is In The Details: How GE Found A Way To Bring 3D Printing To Mass Production

Concrete 3D printer: the new challenge of the construction business

Drones are made up of several small parts that often need replacing, making them good candidates for 3D printing.

Air New Zealand Starts to 3D Print Airplane Parts and Tools

... Picture of Homemade Tin Can Turbine With 3d-printed Compressor ...

Top: Brandel (left) and Martinello (right) hold in their hands 3D-printed brackets for the GEnx-2B engine. GE Aviation plans to mass-produce them on Concept ...

Aerospace applications of 3D printing

This is a very powerful, 3d-printed brushless motor. The main components like rotor and stator can be printed with a common FDM-printer.

This Tiny 3D Printed Jet Engine Could Have Big Promise | Fast Forward | OZY

Metal turbine front, 3D-printed by Koiwai



Goodbye Airbus A380, one of the first planes to fly 3D printed parts - 3D Printing Media Network

Construction 3D printing

... Picture of Homemade Tin Can Turbine With 3d-printed Compressor

Relativity Space has the infrastructure; now it just needs to build the rocket

Remember the fantastic WWII aircraft by Czech pilot Štěpán Dokoupil? At the beginning of the year, he launched several fantastic 3D printable RC aircraft ...

AirEnergy 3D - A 3D printed, opensource, mobile wind turbine

Fully assembled (minus the axle) new compressor design. Notice the exit cone vs outlet diameter, these also had to be painstakingly calculated

The Devil Is In The Details: How GE Found A Way To Bring 3D Printing To Mass Production - GE Reports

The SuperDraco engine for SpaceX's Cargo Dragon spacecraft. Image: Wikimedia Commons / SpaceX

Professor Sheffler, with brothers/lab partners Steven Easter and Jonathan Turman, shows off the exoframe of "Wendy," their 3D-printed plane.

makeSEA 3D Printed Brushless Motor v2

It's one thing to 3D-print a jet engine, but it's another to fuel it up and push the start button. That's the step that GE Aviation took when it recently ...



3D Printed Drone Parts Made Easy

The World at War, 3d printable files for tabletop and modeling

“It took 21 prototypes and only 7 days to get to the part we needed, using another manufacturing method would [have] meant months and the cost would be ...

Building a Hobby RC Plane with Balsa Wood

Koiwai's headquarters in Japan

a stainless steel jet engine turbine 3d printed using the direct metal laser sintering 3d printing

Novarossi Rex R46CR Aircraft Engine with Tuned Muffler 3D print model

A three-dimensional printer

... packaging companies can quickly develop new packaging designs and new equipment to manufacture packaging. Anubis 3D, for example, invented a 3D-printed ...

3d printing construction

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum inaugurates the world's first 3D-printed office building.

Basically the motor is now finished. The rotor firmly connected with its shaft can be pushed into the ball-bearings. The magnets pull it over the stator.

Creality CR-10S Pro

This 3D-printed wind turbine is made from the two most ubiquitous materials on Earth

Parts of a basic jet engine

Specifically, Amaero will provide access to Safran Power Units with two industrial SLM 3D printers and bring their know-how and intellectual property to ...

GE's HA fleet status report as of November 27th 2017. Image via GE Power

3DLabPrint Takes To The Skies With Successful Plane-Printing Model


From lightweight components to certified series production, we know that aircraft components require an unconventional touch.

Design and test of a 3D-printed horizontal axis wind turbine

Of course, just like every 3D print heavy drone project, not all of the parts are 3D printable. The electronics, motors, dampeners and bolts all have to be ...

Despite the lack of screws (there are only those for motors), the construction is pretty solid and there's no wobble at all. Disassembling and reassembling ...

Printable 120mm Drone Rotor 3D print model

3D Printed EDF Jet Engine


Is 3D Printing Safe?

3d printing construction

BCN3D MOVEO – A fully Open Source 3D printed robot arm

printing hours


... and got through most of the pieces, then when printing the first (and largest) rotor, my printer broke. So after fixing it, I just finished printing, ...

Planned manufacturing axis

Engineer Designs 3D Printable 600 Watt Brushless Motor on makeSEA Platform / Video - 3D Printing Media Network

Of course, no jet engine is complete, without a motor to turn the turbines. id.arts used a speed control motor, which they got from a company called ...

DIY 3D Printing: Kidraulic open source 3D printable toy modules #3Dprinting #toys #engineering #make

3D Print Your Own Powerful Brushless Motor